mandag den 4. maj 2009

Fried Garfish
In Denmark we call them hornfisk – “horn” hinting the long beak.
They arrive in our seas in April and are really a delicacy.
The traditional way to serve them is filled with parsley and fried in butter – and they taste really good!

Buy the fish as fillets – that’s the easiest way.

4 fresh fillets of garfish
1 big bunch of parsley
Durum flour or rye flour
Salt and pepper

I cut the fillets in half (they are so long) and season them with salt and pepper.
Wash the parsley in cold water and dry it in a clean cloth.
Put the parsley on the fish and roll them up. Fasten with string and dust them with flour.
Fry them on a frying pan with butter and olive oil about 12 to 15 minutes turning them so they get golden brown on all sides.
Serve with new potatoes.
Last time I served them with an apple and celery salad: slice apples and celery thinly and toss them with crème fraiche flavored with a little lemon juice, a little sugar, salt and pepper.
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