fredag den 23. juli 2010

Elderflower syrup

I made elderflower syrup twice this summer.
The flowers were blooming late and long this year.

Elderflower syrup

20-30 heads of elderflower
2 organic lemons in thin slices
11/4 cup sugar11/4 cup cane sugar or brown sugar
1 quart water
2 tsp citric acid

Layer the cleaned flowers with lemon slices in a big jar or bowl.
Boil sugar, cane sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.
Take it off the heat and add citric acid.
Pour it over the flowers and lemon.
Cover the jar/bowl and put it in the fridge for 4 days.
Pour it through a sieve and into clean bottles.Keep in the fridge and serve in cold water or wine.

Posted by PicasaUse the mush in the sieve for a tasty jam.
Chop it in a food processor and pour it into a pan. Add same amount sugar and boil it rapidly for 5 minutes. Ladle the jam into clean jam jars and seal them.

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