mandag den 16. februar 2009

Rye bread and cheese sandwich

Maybe you do not know just how good this Danish style rye bread taste!
If I ever was to live on a desert island and only could bring with me 1 single dish – surely I would choose my own home baked rye bread with Danish cheese – that’s how good it taste!
I am serious; no butter, no mustard, no extras - just the bread and the cheese.
By the way; the plate is an original Blue Fluted pattern, the Royal Copenhagen's very first porcelain dinner service.
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  1. I forgot to mention the Danish specialty: Amagermad.
    It is a sandwich made of a slice of rye bread and a slice of wheat bread. In between butter, cheese or what you like - it tastes really good.
    Amager is an island connected with Copenhagen by bridges.
    In 1521 the Danish king Christian the second invited Dutch farmers to live and work on Amager. The agriculture was underdeveloped and needed special attention to provide Copenhagen and the kings Court with dairy products and vegetables.
    Apparently the Dutch rye bread (ruggebroot) was very porous, so they put it on top a slice of wheat bread (wittebroot) - and the Amagermad was born!